Hop on the Trail

The fun and unique way to boost foot traffic, increase sales, and track results

Hop on the Trail

Hop on the Game

The fun and unique ways to boost foot traffic, generate leads and track results




Whether it's following the sweet dessert trail or wine tasting, showcasing attractions, increasing local business sales, fundraising, or anything in between, free Trail and Gamified Passports are the perfect tool for mobile engagement, generating leads, gaining insights, and get real people through the door.

Bundle a collection of attractions for mobile engagement


The Trail Pass
Boost traffic for multiple locations
A collection of experiences to drive foot traffic to wineries
Unleash the power of attraction bundling, the thrill of on-site redemption coupons, the ease of digital and mobile convenience, the potential for lead generation, and the insights of data analysis - all in one platform!
The Lucky Pass
Scratch off for lead generation
A digital gift card to enhance events while collecting data from attendees
Build your loyal customer base effortlessly and cost-effectively by engaging them with exciting Digital Scratch Cards and Jackpot games. Incentivize them to opt-in with just one click from any device and watch your customer base grow!


Social Login
Saving Options
Expiration Counters
Watch a video to get offer
Embedding code
Lead and Redemption Data
Map and Descriptions
Landing Page and QR coupon
Secure and single-use validation
Optional Email & Sms distribution
Customized starting and expiration dates
Multiple Redeem Locations
All in One


- Lead Generator Plans -

The Basic Plan
One-time Fee: $130
A lead generation tool
For one-time events. This plan includes a set of pre-built templates and features, account setup, 7-day data management, and a basic design template.

The user fills in their details on a landing page and then scratches the digital card to reveal the prize. Alternatively for a 100% chance of winning the user scratches first and then enters their details.
The Branded Plan
One-time Fee: $289
A lead generation tool
For one-time events. This package offers a customizable scratch-off card design tailored to fit the business brand, with personalized images, colors, and text.

It includes a 7-day database management system to track performance and customization options for game settings such as Jackpot and Spin to Win.
The Lead Generation Plan
Monthly Fee: $35
A lead generation tool
For ongoing lead generation. Simply add it to the Basic or Branded plans. This monthly membership offers a database management service for lead generation and allows you to track the performance of your campaigns.

Receive information about opt-ins, the number of redemptions and the prizes that have been claimed. Annual payment: One month free.

Trail & Gamified Passports

Ready to unlock the power of customer engagement and lead generation?

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