I wanted to be the first to personally say welcome to the eTourMe family. I’m thrilled you’re here.

I created eTourMe because I want to help businesses and nonprofits in tourism, architecture, heritage, and culture bridge the gap between the first visit that happens online and the visit in person so you can attract more people through the door. At our core, we are visual storytellers of physical places through virtual tours and trail passports.

Unlike other content creators, we go way beyond showing around and creating digital tools. We focus on the underlying design principles to create exciting and viewer-engaging immersive virtual tours and trail passports that teach something new, collect insights, and tell your story.

More than 25 years ago I found in entrepreneurship a way to support my family. Trained as an architect, with strong technological skills and a deep understanding of remote work, I started an outsourcing company for architecture firms. I built this company from the ground up, which led me to move to the United States in 2006. I became an author of 3D software books that led me to other technologies, including 360 photography, CGI, and VR on smartphones, the foundation for immersive and interactive explorations.

eTourMe uniquely intertwines my skills and experiences as an avid traveler, architect, teacher, and author. But what excites me most about our immersive explorations is that we are a force for good by creating new ways to learn, experience the world, and make lasting connections.

Founder & CEO
Adriana G.
It would be an honor if you connect with us!
Senior Advisor
Maurice C.
Senior Advisor. Our beta tester for non-computer savvy. He ensures that what we create has the least friction possible for any age generation.
Maria V.
Wonder Woman. In charge of hundreds of things. An irreplaceable asset of the company with a tender heart. With her everything works better.
Ruben R.
Project manager for architectural communication. Genius in 3D and spatial visualization. Although he doesn't laugh much, he has a lot of spark.


eTourMe is a storyteller of the physical assets of businesses, cultures, and tourist destinations. Unlike other content creators, we do not specialize in just one skill, such as photography, videography, web design, or 3D modeling. Instead, we bring all of these talents and tools together to create immersive virtual tours and visitor passports that communicate physical attractions online and help drive foot traffic, so you can attract more visitors through your door.
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